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Brunswick Book Club Leith Walk



Vittoria Group engaged Significant Others to revitalise an underutilised unit, transforming it into a vibrant, new offering. We embarked on a comprehensive interior design refurbishment and brand overhaul, ushering in a new era for the venue situated at the heart of Leith Walk. Overlooking the historic library on McDonald Road, Brunswick Book Club was born. Drawing inspiration from the local library's community spirit, inclusiveness, and sense of belonging, we created a warm and welcoming space infused with the distinctive flair of Leith.


Rooted in Leith's rich heritage and hospitality expertise, the establishment aims to merge contemporary Leith culture with its own local charm. The result is a captivating space with understated elegance that fosters connections and evokes nostalgia. Vintage books adorn the shelves, while 'Mary,' the spirited local librarian, and Leith's oldest rebellious resident, the seagull, each add a touch of local character, paying homage to the area's essence.

Inspired by the cosy ambiance of a classic book club meeting, the interior design embraces warmth, comfort, and sophistication. Rich oxblood leather booths provide inviting alcoves for guests to sink into plush cushions and engage in captivating conversations and enjoy some comfort food classics. These deep leather hues are complemented by polished wood and antique brass accents, evoking timeless elegance.

The bar area, highly visible from the street, is divided into a vibrant front section and intimate rear lounge spaces. A rolled brass bar top, paired with punchy yellow tiles, greets visitors upon entry, highlighted by a rich blue colour-blocked panel ceiling that enhances the immersive ambiance.

Vibrant pops of yellow infuse the space with energy and vitality with bold monochrome prints, heritage paneling, and gloss tiles to blend urban and traditional elements. Sunny yellow barstools, eclectic décor items, and whimsical artwork inject joy and curiosity into every corner.

A spacious south-facing outdoor terrace, complete with oversized awnings, heaters, and branded blankets, extends the venue's capacity year-round. Here, guests can enjoy leisurely meals with family, sip cocktails with friends, or unwind with a good book in hand, all amidst an inviting, all year round, al fresco experience. The design journey evolved organically as the venue revealed its own story during the refurbishment, with beautiful ghosted signage and multiple layers of paintwork from previous occupants, embracing its deep-rooted connection to Leith.


Warmly received by locals and visitors alike, the Brunswick Book Club's refurbishment and rebranding have been a resounding success, significantly enhancing the venue's appeal and financial performance. Since the project's completion, the bar has enjoyed a consistently full booking schedule, underscoring the effective utilisation of space and the captivating ambiance created. This surge in patronage has been complemented by extensive media coverage, amplifying the bar's visibility and prestige in the market, and firmly establishing it as a premier destination in Edinburgh's hospitality scene.

To find out more about this project or discuss getting together to form a powerful partnership, email us at We'd love to hear from you.

Significant Others Design Studio
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