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Vittoria - Leith Walk



For over five decades, Garvald Edinburgh has been a beacon of support for adults with learning disabilities, offering creative workshops across various disciplines. With the guidance of industry professionals, they foster creative talent, empower individuals, build confidence, create connections, and hone valuable skills. Recognising the profound impact of their mission, we were honoured to collaborate with Garvald on the interior design and signage of their new retail space dedicated to showcasing and selling the remarkable creations of their members.


At the heart of our design process for Garvald was a deep commitment to placing the people it serves at the forefront. Ensuring inclusivity and empowerment were paramount, we actively engaged the members and workshops at Garvald, providing them with a voice in shaping the identity of the shop. It was imperative to us that the space not only showcased their creations but also felt like an extension of themselves — a haven they had helped create.


Striking a delicate balance between commercial viability and authenticity, we remained steadfast in our dedication to preserving the core ethos of Garvald. Members were integral to every stage of the design journey, from participating in focus groups to express their preferences for in-store experiences to collaborating with art students to develop bespoke icons representing various workshops, which we integrated into custom wallpaper.


The collaborative process was not only enriching for the team at Significant Others but also deeply rewarding for Garvald's members themselves.


Recognising the importance of accessibility, we meticulously planned the spatial layout to ensure that it provided a welcoming and accommodating environment for all. From counter details designed to accommodate all wheelchair users and able-bodied staff with ease to ample space allocation to prevent feelings of overwhelm or constraint, every aspect of the design was thoughtfully tailored to enhance inclusivity and comfort.

To find out more about this project or discuss getting together to form a powerful partnership, email us at We'd love to hear from you.

Significant Others Design Studio
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